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"Fire on the Genesee" - Letchworth State Park Civil War Encampment

Event Rules and Regulations

1.  SAFETY is our First Responsibility. NCO's are the safety officers in their companies; they answer to or direct
question to the Artillery Safety Officer or the Park Safety Officer.

2.   All participants will follow all New York State Parks rules and regulations. No Exceptions!
This includes Park Quiet Hours 10:00 PM to
6:00 AM (Generators should be off during this Time)
  If you would like a copy of parks rules and regulations let us know and we will send them to you.

3.   No, Fires on top of ground. All fires are to be in fire pits. Units are expected to put out fires at the end of the event, and replace sod. Units will accept full responsibility for their fires

4.  All cannons must be inspected by  Event Artillery Safety Person before they can be fired.

5.  All muskets and side arms (before loading) will be inspected each day before public demonstrations.

6. Cartridges: Black Power, approximate 60 grain. Gunpowder will be carried as pre-rolled cartridges only.
No live ammunition or fireworks allowed

7.  No wonder wads are to be used in pistols.

8. All uniforms must be of proper period materials and construction.

9.   Civilian attire must conform to the style of the day and be of proper materials and construction. Language should be of period.  i.e. No Vulgar Language.

10.    ONLY period glasses will be permitted, including sunglasses.

11.  No soldiers will be permitted to wear earrings, sunglasses, wristwatches, etc.

12.  Shoes and boots must be of proper period construction. Jefferson booties and brogans and period cut boots. NO combat boots, cowboy boots, work boots, or sneakers. No bare feet.

 13.  Weapons will be 3-band rifle or muskets. Proper 2-banders and breechloaders, if documented to unit portrayal, will be allowed. Do Not Mix Rifle and/or Muskets lengths in companies. No Shot Guns on the field.

14.  All officers must have the proper uniform and accouterments.

15.  NO Pets will be allowed in camps.

16. All modern equipment, packages, or foods are to remain out of sight at all times.

17.     Vehicles WILL NOT be allowed in the camping area at anytime, except loading and unloading.
Then moved to  Parking Lot.

18.   Minimum age to carry a weapon is 16 years old.  

19. Anyone participating on the field in any other capacity who is under the age of 16 (ages15-13) must have parental approval in written form (if not accompanied by parent) to go on the field for any reason and be accompanied by a responsible adult. NO exceptions. Proof of age may be requested.

19.   NO illegal substances will be tolerated. No alcohol will be allowed on the field. Abuses will be referred to Park Police Officers.

20.  All participants are expected to cooperate with and follow directions of park law enforcement authorities, event coordinators, and Provost Marshals.

21.    All participants are expected to behave in a fashion that reflects well on themselves, their unit, the event, and the hobby. Rowdiness, abusive language, and public drunkenness will not be tolerated. Unit commanders are responsible for the conduct of their unit members, military and civilian.

22. All units are expected to bag all trash and deposit it in a prearranged spot.

23.  All participants are expected to assist in guard and/or fatigue details.

24.  ABSOLUTELY NO discharge of firearms except by command of a superior officer and only in areas designated by the commanding officer of the encampment or his designee.

25.  An adult should attend to children at all times. Please encourage children to take part in the living history presentation with appropriate games, etiquette & dress.

26.    Every unit and commander is responsible for the conduct of those listed during registration. Any rules violated may be grounds for an individual or unit to be suspended from the event.

27. The New York State Parks and the Hamlin Beach Encampment Committee reserves the right to remove any participant or any unit from the event for any act or violation felt to be unsafe or improper.

A few can ruin it for all.

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